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Well, are we seeking the complete truth for your private or business matters? Look no further! FactFinders, a private investigator agency, unveils hidden facts competently. We excel in keen observation, logical reasoning, and reaching real situations. Our staff possesses an unbeatable record of exposing secrets beneath the surface. So, it’s time to say goodbye to uncertainty with our experienced and skilful consultancy. They answer our concerns and clear the myths and applicable solutions. Get in touch today, and uncover the factual details about mysteries!

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FactFinders, the Government of Pakistan registered detective agency available in Karachi, provides personal to organizational investigator services. The experts are competent and committed to smooth the client in a time of need. As a leading gumshoe facilitator deliver secure, efficient, and professional service at reasonable charges. We have earned a good reputation as a proficient and discreet detective agency in Karachi. For more technical information, contact on provided numbers and have an initial consultation with experts. Contact registered private detective agency at +92 321 6345555 or to avail highly skilled and professional private detective in Karachi. Our services are available 24/7/365 days.

Private Detective in Karachi

We are the most active and knowledgeable private detective service in Karachi, a city of immense economic and developmental activities. FactFinders, have a bunch of experienced and skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds. The hired staff are business personnel, finance auditors, marketing developers, army officials, police authorities, lawyers, and qualified inquired agents. The experts have been licensed for their ability and competency. The company is registered with the Government of Pakistan’s concerned departments. There are no fixed charges and structural work strategies, and the action plan is customized depending on the client’s needs and requirements. We delivered authentic and unbiased findings in a comprehensive report format. Our target people are financing bodies, business corporations, and private individuals. We entertain various background screening, person verifications, and crime/civil investigations provisions. FactFinders experts maintain 100% privacy of the help seeker’s identity and confidentially of the results and reports. They are trained to handle recent technological gadgets and databases used to get to the facts quickly. You can avail of our outstanding and economic spy services in major cities of the country and Karachi. We have a head office in the United Kingdom to provide legal, security, and investigator services for international customers.

Reasons to Select FactFinders

The arrival of technological renovation has greatly changed the ways of living and the needs of people. With modernized standards of living, there is a considerable demand for the private investigation agency to resolve personal to organizational matters, which may be unlawful commitments to civilian backgrounds. FactFinders deals with social cases like child custody issues, broken marriages, matrimonial fraud, and cyber blackmail. Similarly, we assist the economic activities of private and government organizations for screening and internal audits. The professionals are focused on delivering a dynamic range of investigation and surveillance services across Pakistan.

Excellent Success Rate

The investigator experts of FactFinders have built a good reputation by competently resolving complex and sensitive cases. The success rate of our skilled and trained inquiry officers is 99%, with guaranteed unbiased facts. The team of experts lays out the plan of action for each case after thorough consultation with clients. We believe in teamwork to cover all possible aspects of any incident vigilantly. Although we are new in Pakistan, our high customer satisfaction ratio proves our capabilities.

Qualified Professionals

The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals is from different law enforcement and administrative departments. Their expertise and experience as detective agents are unbeatable and unparallel. Our specialists are mostly former army officials, police force personnel, intelligence agencies, lawyers, business individuals, and MBA experts. Their main focus is to deliver illegally accurate information promptly. Clients can move in the right direction based on their services to make conscious decisions. We are at your service no matter what mystery you want to resolve.

Registered Agency

FactFinders is the Government of Pakistan registered private eye service in Karachi and other major cities. We are assigned a proper verification code and relevant documents, which can be shown to clients on demand. So, feel free to visit our office or contact the representative for further guidance. The agency collaborates with private and administrative database-providing companies. They can quickly collect personal data, phone tracking, video recordings, and other required details. We can effectively resolve all kinds of investigation and verification studies without flaws. The experts are retired government officials and have good connections for the smooth execution of procedures.

Complete Confidentiality

We are the demanding spy agency of Karachi that assures the privacy of the client’s identity and the confidentiality of gathered facts and evidence. After an initial consultation with the worried customer, we signed a legal agreement and worked under complete trust. FactFinders is famous for the trustworthiness and satisfaction of the help seeker. Sometimes the experts file the case on behalf of the customer after collecting relevant details and surveillance. They prepare comprehensive reports and present them to law enforcement agencies for further action.

Flexible Services

FactFinders is a Private Limited Company authorised, licensed, and registered to deliver spy services throughout the country. The professionals are available day and night without any weekend break. They understand the sensitivity of their work and are dedicated to smooth the nervous clients. We have both male and female inquiry personnel. The experts freely deliver initial consultation via phone or email and recommend the best possible outcomes. Our team has some permanent spy agents, freelancers, and contractual PIs to assist in diverse cases.

Peace Of Mind

We are a well-reputed spy agency in Karachi with a professional, reliable, and cost-effective approach. Our dedicated specialists are competent in dealing with all situations. They are trained in self-defence and other innovative strategies and tactics for private investigations. The staff members are experts in drafting terms of reference for personal to corporation cases. They provided a mutually agreed initial action plan with projected outcomes. We always work under local and federal laws.

Strong Network

FactFinders, the most reliable detective eye agency, has a network of interconnected branches in all major cities. We have an office in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK to address your concerns in Pakistan. The staff present in the United Kingdom office takes the documents and other details. They delivered to the team in our state and successfully resolved the client’s issues.

Best Detective Solutions Provided

The core motivation of our gumshoe consultancy is to relax and smooth the help seeker for personal investigations like cheating spouses, pre-marital screening, missing persons, and other blackmailing issues—similarly, corporate verifications like pre-employment screening, company financial audits, and dishonest employee verifications. We adopt additional services to assist clients as we approach them personally to deliver our best.

Physical Assistance

If you are a victim of any domestic violence, feel free to contact our dedicated team of professionals at 0092-3216345555 for a free consultation with experienced individuals. We provide full privacy of the client’s identity and assist them without exposing them. FactFinders professionals are receiving complaints from husbands to check their cheating partners in Pakistan as they are working in and. They confidentially collect the whereabouts of the suspected persons and preciously report them. The general public is unaware of their cases' legal terms and conditions. We technically guide them about their legal rights and the proper channel to achieve the targets. Suppose you recognize any suspicious activity around you, following someone or getting threats. Immediately consult with our staff and get authorised services.

Individual Approach

We resolve the trust issues of the clients mostly for pre-marital screening. The parents of the adults contact us to get assistance in verifying the purpose person. The experts delivered the personal biodata confirmation, job details, hometown address, and some evidence to prove character security. FactFinders help you to get the actual situations to make wise decisions for the future. They conduct discreet observation and hidden following of that person to collect the authentic information and compare it with the provided. Similarly, illegal authorities hired us to check the rightful partner to solve the child custodian cases. The divorce issues are settled by collecting the required details to support the vulnerable.

Creative Solutions

FactFinders provide you with spy services for criminal, Civilian, to domestic violence investigations. They deliver factual evidence to resolve the query with the client’s peace of mind. With our detective agency in Karachi, you will reach the realities with professional, discreet studies. The diverse team of highly skilled experts will be able to settle the mystery quickly. They effectively judge the actual situation and make a roadmap to cope with the query. The experts are trained and equipped to use specific software and digital databases program.

Factfinders: Complete Detective Services

As a leading private investigation agency, we have successfully resolved various detective, verification, and screening cases with 100% accuracy. The privacy and confidentiality issues are handled vigilantly. The experts assist the individual persons’ queries, legal/criminal investigations, business verifications, and professional consultation provisions.

Lost Child Investigation

The tracking information may be used to find a lost child or older person. The experts are also hired to check the rightful child custodians among parents after separation. The team members have expertise in this field and are skilled with relevant tactics.

Person Identity Verification

The FactFinders personnel are trained to use software and digital gadgets to identify online bullying, cybercrime cases, money scams, fake profiles, and hackers. They are located, and legal action is taken against them.

Real Estate/Property Investigations

Most of the time, the clients approach us to locate the owners of the abound property. In such situations, our devoted investigators diligently find the eligible person to hand them over. Similarly, the fraud case in property sales and purchases is settled.

Pre-Martial Screening

The parents of the adults approach us to seek our per-marriage screening and background-checking service. The personal information, job details, hometown address, and character verifications are done.

Cheating Spouse Investigation

If someone suspects their partner’s extramarital relationship, it will be a great tragedy for them. We help clients to identify the real facts to assist in future decisions.

Cold Cases Investigation

We competently re-opened the undercover or cold cases after taking the power of authority from the help seeker. The staff are skilled in handling complicated and open-ended situations. They use forensic testing, specified software, and the latest technologies to gather strong evidence to re-open the case in court.

Activity Check

FactFinders help corporations and multinational agencies with the sensitive nature of work pre-employment screening of expected hiring. The qualified private eye observes the day and night routine. They gathered all the related details about the candidate.

Verification for Embassies

The plainclothes officer can verify the personal identities of different countries’ embassies to issue a visa. We have a legislative approach to all database departments to collect the biodata of any citizen quickly.

Divorce Investigation

The people use private investigation services to collect factual information about their spouse to file a divorce case in court. A discreet report is prepared, including partner property details and evidence of affairs to support the case.

Recovery of Hacked Money

FactFinders is among the few agencies that helped the client I recovering scammed money either on online platforms or from hackers. The foreign is also facilitated with our exciting services, who buy some assets in Pakistan and are cheated.

Vehicles Recovery for Banks

The finance agencies and sometimes the state-owned departments and banks requested to locate the payment defaulters. They released vehicles and paid a few instalments, and disguised. We trace them and send legal notice to showcase the reason. After the mentioned time, administrative action is taken against them.

Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement

To protect corporations and businesses from copyright issues, the members are specialists in checking the illegal use of their rights. The trade markers or company logos are misused to sell their substandard products are controlled. The hackers are identified and pursue illegalities.

Consultancy on Security and Installation

The VIPs or the persons under security concerns are protected with rigorously trained staff. They are experienced in installing and operating the latest smart gadgets and tools. The personal guide provisions are availed on demand.

Security Concerns

Suppose you feel suspected activities or personal presence around you. FactFinders provide security services from Certified Protection Professionals and Personal Protection Specialists. They assess the possible threats and risks to your life and assets.

Tenant Screening

Before renting out a house or commercial asset, people check the originality and clarification from concerned police stations. In Pakistan, it amended property laws to submit a copy of the national ID and mutual legal agreement to the area police station. We help the customers in these aspects too.

Contact Us to Hire Experts

FactFinders is a private limited company that works independently in Karachi and other cities. Our services are customized according to the demands of the latest times. The findings and identities are kept in tight security and confidentiality. The professionals are skilled in gathering relevant facts and critically analyzed to make hypotheses. The surveillance reports are presented with supportive statements and evidence. You can contact us at provided numbers and email addresses. The head office can be visited to have expert consultations.

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Private Detective Company in Karachi

For your convenience, we are helping you with your quest for the best private investigator company in Karachi. Of course, experience an unbeatable investigation journey that will meet all your requirements. FactFinders is a renowned private detective agency delivering honest, unbiased, and practical solutions to family and business concerns. Moreover, the expert provides legal assistance in civil or criminal investigations. We are available 24/7 to offer customized and secure services. Speaking of the fee charges, they compete with the market prices. FactFinders are confidential, discreet, and professional private investigators present in your city, Karachi. The experts deliver concrete proof to support your case in a budget-friendly manner. All the investigation services are up to local and federal laws.

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On which matters private investigator agency can help you?

We are your city's most reliable private detective company to resolve personal matters, business concerns, and legal support. The professionals deliver reliable following of suspects, pre-marital screening, cooperate investigations, assets recovery, and fraud cases. Moreover, background checks, identity verifications, and locating missing persons is our specialty.

How can you contact us from different cities in Pakistan?

Yes, our agency operates across multiple cities in Pakistan and has head offices at prime locations. Also, we have a strong online presence nationwide, and you can contact us from anywhere. Regardless of your location, our experienced staff provides efficient and effective services. The contact number and email address are mentioned on the website for professional assistance.

How do you contact our professionals to initiate a consultation?

To consult any concern with our professionals is simple and hassle-free. We have a network of head offices in different cities in Pakistan. Also, the company has an emergency cell where representatives are available 24/7 at your service. Call us at 03216345555 or email The professional will initiate confidential consultation with you and offer the best suitable action plan.

How could you trust the information received from our experts?

Well, the details or findings we deliver to you are obtained after thorough investigations. Moreover, as a registered agency, we must meet legal and ethical standards of detective work. They extract from reliable resources and cross-check their authenticity. Therefore, the results are comprehensive reports with factual details and evidence.

How much do we charge for any investigation case?

The cost of professional service varies from case to case. Because each mishap has different baselines and needs different approaches to investigation. Along with this, the use of technical resources is varied and changes the overall cost. Although, we offer competitive charges for customer ease and comfort. After an initial consultation, the staff defines the targets of the investigation and estimated service charges.

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